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The Kabiyesi Alaiyeluwa’s,

Distinguished Baba Egbe and Iya Egbe,

The Giwa Egbe, Otunba Abiodun Onanuga,

Members of the Executive Council,

Council of Chiefs,

Distinguished “Great keyes”

Ladies  & Gentlemen,










All great people here tonight!!! Good evening!!! Egbe Bobakeye Akile Ijebu had been in existence about seventeen (17) years ago but tonight, I would like to welcome you to this event: The 10th year Anniversary & Award Night of the UK & Ireland Branch of the group here, in the United Kingdom.


We are delighted, very grateful and honoured to have you here, knowing   that many of you travel long distances to celebrate with us today.


The 10th year anniversary constitutes a milestone and a good time for us to celebrate our progress, as we are indigenous group relying on our resources and support. “Nothing great will ever be achieved without great men and women, if they are determined to do so.”




The purpose of the “Regberegbe” as stated by  our father, His Royal Majesty, Alaiyeluwa, Oba (Dr) S.K. Adetona, CFR, JP, Ogbagba ll, the Awujale and Paramount Ruler of Ijebu-land in his speech titled “towards a more vibrant Regberegbe institution in Ijebu-land” he said that “the age-long institution of regberegbe was created for the purpose of ensuring the continued development, security and progress of our dear home-land and it had the least to do with mere merry-making”.  It was they, who organised and sustained security for the common goal.  They also willingly laid down their lives in military offence and defence, that Ijebu-land may survive and when all such primary duties had been done, they made merry. (Bobakeye AGM 2006).


Our responsibility derives strength and direction from the statement and enshrined in our constitution. Moving forward, we aimed to create awareness and raise the profile of the Egbe Bobakeye Akile - Ijebu in the United Kingdom & Ireland. By doing so, we have the opportunity to educate the public about the relevance of the “regberegbe” group to the contribution and development of our communities in Ijebu- land.


Since we started ten (10) years ago, we have not deviated from the objectives; we have always been reminded to have good and hardworking people to compose the membership. We managed and treasured ourselves like a family. Years passed by, the membership transformed to a greater number of whom many have relocated to Nigeria successfully. All these achievements are a product of hard work, persistence, intelligence and faith by every one of our members. So, behind this success, are great people who do common works, uncommonly well.


At this moment, I would like to express profound appreciation to the Giwa Egbe, Otunba ‘Biodun Onanuga, (Anikilaya of Ijebu land) and Asiwaju Dele Ogunbowale who lead the organisation from the inception in 2002.  At that time, he was a young man with a dream that was simple enough: raise the profile of the organisation with a legacy. He did that with dedication, loyalty and excellent leadership before returning to Nigeria in the year 2009, when I took over the mantle of the group.  Since that time, we continued to be a source of pride in the United Kingdom attracting honourable, dependable and honest people. Membership has increased massively and notwithstanding, we are still aiming high and moving forward.


These past ten years tell a story of resilience. Ten years is a long and a very short time compared to other groups. We are still adolescent. On the other hand, ten years in a country that is constantly changing and advancing, is an achievement we can be proud of.  It means that we have managed to establish ourselves. Therefore, Bobakeye have claimed its rightful place here in the United Kingdom.


Ladies and gentlemen, what is next for us?. We planned to focus ahead to the next decade so that we can look back with pride in conjunction with our parent body in Nigeria, first, the benefits as members and secondly, our contributions to the economic, educational, political, cultural and social life of Ijebu-land.


We will continue to work closely with the state and local governments and various communities, through their leaders, to undertake development projects in our indigenous land and surely, Ijebu State will become a reality.


There is a lot, indeed and much more to be done. We will continue to chart new grounds that will lift us to much higher horizons. It is, therefore, my hope that this momentous 10th Anniversary of Egbe Bobakeye Okunrin, Akile Ijebu (UK & Ireland) will be even more incredible and notable.


Finally, I use this opportunity to thank our Baba Egbe, Chief Chris Olufunmilola Okunowo (Bobasuwa II of Ijebu land) and Mama Egbe, Chief (Mrs) Yemisi Oshundeko for always standing behind us.


I also thank our royal fathers from Nigeria that are here with us tonight:

Kade pe lori o, Ki bata pele se.  Ki e job ape titi, ki igba yin tuwa lara(Amin)


Many thanks to all other leaders of other “regberegbe” groups here tonight, I cannot mention names but looking at all elegant head ties and men’s gears all over the hall, your costumes glitters like gold and it is invaluable. May you wear more of it for years to come?  Also to the chairman and chairlady of the day, I say thank  you.


To all our chief dignitaries, too many to mention, including the ambassadors from the Nigeria High Commission, Nigeria British Chambers of Commerce, the awardees of the 10th year anniversary, Iyalode Chief (Mrs)Toyin Oluwole, (Double-T) and all members of the Egbe Bobakeye from Nigeria, I thank you all for your presence and unwavering support.



I would also like to congratulate the Organising Committee, under the chairmanship of Aare (Dr) Akindele Akisanmi for making this day a reality.


I acknowledge and recognise the commitment, support, companionship and loyalty of all members of the UK & Ireland Branch.  


!!! The Great Keyes!!!


Bobakeye fi koko sebe,

Oyin momo!

Gba! Gba! Gba ki o to wo,

Oyin momo.

Gba! Gba! Gba ki o to wo,

Oyin momo.


I want to say once more welcome to the 10th year anniversary and Award Night

May I wish all of you an enjoyable evening!

Thank you, and God Bless you all.







OtunAsiwaju Kayode Adesanya. MSc. (I.T Consultancy) MCSE.CCNP

Asoju Bobakeye Akile – Ijebu (UK & Ireland)


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