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The Great Keyes is one of the unique traditional age-group institutions in the Ijebu Kingdom of Ogun State, Nigeria, under the leadership of Otunba Biodun Onanuga, the Giwa Egbe, sworn under oath by the Awujale of Ijebu land.   Bobakeye is a life time society. It was created for ensuring the continued development, security and progress of our dear homeland.


Bobakeye is a traditional organisation for everyone in Ijebu-land born between 1st January 1956 and 31st December 1958.  Although, everyone born in Ijebu land within this period is a bobakeye but not everyone born within this time is a member of bobakeye as a traditional society.  The age range may be an automatic qualification but to be a member is really a matter of choice and interest. Apart from meeting the set standards, you must also be a reliable, honest and trustworthy person.


The vision of this Egbe is to unify the whole of Ijebu-land through membership from Ikorodu to Remo to Ijebu Waterside to achieve the proposed long overdue Ijebu State and to put on smiles on the faces of all Ijebus.


The activities of bobakeye centres on its aims and objectives as stated below:


Promotion and Sustenance of Ijebu Customs & Traditions


Promotion of Social & Economic Development of Ijebu Land


Support & educational development


Promotion of Unity of Ijebu Land


Support & Assistance to Members


Cooperation with other Groups of similar Objectives


Engagement in activities that will enhance the realisation of our objectives


These objectives have led the society to the social, educational, economic, and political development of Ijebu-land working closely and in collaboration with the government authorities / agencies and other community organizations through their leaders to undertake development projects.




Omo Ijebu Alare!! Omo Alagemo Merindinlogun!!

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